Everything is Vibration

These are challenging times and in order to remain aware of the infinite potential within you, the mind must be cleared through vibrating mantra and meditation. The heart must be inspired by true love. Through devotion and service. The nervous system must be developed to serve your destiny with strength. And the glandular system has to be balanced so that each gland can secrete the necessary fluids to keep you bright and vibrant on your journey.
Your ability to walk in alignment with your destiny, the will of God, will be defined by your commitment to keep up.
The power of sound frequency, your awareness that everything is vibration, will unlock the secrets of the universe.
So be conscious of what your sound current is on the inside.
How do you speak to yourself? Are you vibrating sounds from within that are in alignment with your true potential? And then on the outside, what are you surrounding yourself with?
Are you bathing your ears in the sweet sounds of sacred music?
Music that tells the story of your beauty and your grace?
Raise your vibration. Immerse yourself in your own divine grace. Sound is the key to unlock every door should you choose to direct it in that way.
-Tiaga Prem Singh

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