Experience of Sun Moon Polarities in Relationship

The polarities of the sun + moon exists in a specific harmony in each of us. Beyond a gender identity, our abilities to hold space, get shit done, intuit, analyze, + nurture are experienced to different degrees within ourselves + in our environment. The moon is constantly cycling, and in that, is constant. The lunar is spiraling, cycling, becoming illuminated, then returning to the shadow, and in us, evoking introspection + integration of each spiral. When the sun is out, we feel motivated, abundant, ambitious + social. My partner, who identifies as male, and I hold both these energies; and in some phases, my creative, disciplined, positive-minded solar counterpart is in a state of flux, of listening + allowance. I have a fiery constitution + Leo rising, and when I feel the radiance of the sun, I can take action, make magic + manifest. This is the balance I acknowledge in our relationship and takes work to hold a sacred balance between us. Relationships teach us about harmony, and that is not limited to man/woman bi-nary gender narrative.  Love is love, + relationships take work. I love the yogic teachings, but they initiallly shared in a time when there were really only 2 genders being discussed in texts, and women were not permitted to practice. We know indigenous cultures celebrate two-spirited folks + when I lived in Thailand as a girl, I saw trans people were accepted positively, I learned self-expression is was paramount, not the label. The Buddha often appears androgynous, and there are so many variants of how gender can be expressed. As we move into the Aquarian age, perhaps this is the way of evolution? The teachings of Yogi Bhajan shared as Kundalini Yoga gave specifics for heteronormative gender roles. As he is not alive today, and so perhaps he would agree the language could use an update as humanity awakens to these truth's? As a carrier of teachings, I honour my lineage, but do not stand for sexual oppression or gender inequality. I do my best to educate myself + impart teachings that will reach everyone in a respectful + nurturing way. Seeing beyond our duality and embracing our gifts is the way forward. ♾


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