4 Essential Oils to support your Kundalini Yoga Practice

Essential oils are powerful plant medicine as they hold energetic that can support healing. Each oil has a unique odour and vibration that can elevate emotional and physical experiences in the body. Over the last few months I've been experimenting with the use of different oils as part of my sadhana (daily practice). I have found that incorporating oils into my practice and working with them has elevated my own experience. Below I've outlined four oils and how they can support the practice of kundalini yoga.

Frankincense | The Oil of Truth
In kundalini we greet each other with the phrase Sat Nam. This mantra is loosely translated to I am Truth or Truth is My name. It is a reminder that everything is within us, that our value is infinite, that we are divine.

Frankincense is a perfect oil for kundalini as it supports us in living our truth and letting go of lower vibration thoughts. It helps us to connect with divine love and enhances meditation. It helps to reveal our truth and supports us in connecting with our Self.

This oil can be applied to the crown, the forehead and behind the ears. You can also place a few drops in your hand, rub and inhale.

In the morning when I rise for sadhana, I like to apply a drop to my forehead and inhale the aroma.

Geranium | The Oil of Love & Trust

This month I'm focusing my sadhana on opening the heart centre through a kriya (set of prescribed exercises). It's a lovely set and I'm starting my day with movements and breathwork. The heart centre is the transformer. It allows us to work with energy from other parts of the body to create, to imagine, to intuit, to speak, to move.

Geranium is a gentle oil that can be applied over the heart with a few drops of carrier oil (almond, fractionated coconut, jojoba, among others). It is nurturing and instills feelings of unconditional love. Geranium is helpful in healing emotional wounds and the heart.

I've been diffusing this oil and the smell is glorious. It immediately softens the space and invites in feelings of love.

Cedarwood | The Oil of Community
Just over a year and half ago, a friend encouraged me to attend a kundalini yoga class with her. After attending a few more classes, I came upon The Dharma Temple where I was warmly greeted and where the goal of the class was not just about exercise. It was about connecting with the physical and energetic bodies through movement, mantra and meditation. It was what I had been craving for years.

This studio has become an integral part of my community and home to many of my friendships. The yogis refer to this idea of community as sangha.

Cedarwood brings people together. It inspires feelings of belonging and helps us to become aware of the support networks that are already a part of our life. This woodsy oil can be applied to the arms, legs and feet with a few drops of carrier oil (see above). It's also perfect for diffusing, or simply rubbing a drop between the palms and inhaling.

(You can also use 1 drop of this oil to condition bird feathers and keep mites at bay simply by applying along the shaft and barbs 3-4 times a year.)

Clary Sage | The Oil of Clarity & Vision

Through the practice of yoga we move our bodies, vibrate mantra, open our voices and meditate so as to create a more easeful flow of kundalini energy through the spine. The practice helps us to remove blocks and stagnation, which is where Clary Sage can be a great support.

This oil assists with spiritual clarity, intuition and opening creative channels. It can be used to assist in connecting with the spiritual world and to visualize new possibilities. Clary Sage can be applied to the brow point, behind the ears or diffused. One of my favourite ways to use this oil is in the bath with Himalayan or epsom salts.
Experimenting with the many oils available is a wonderful way to deepen our practice and become the alchemist of our personal experience. Exploring new and different ways to connect with our physical, emotional and energetic bodies can be fun and enjoyable.
*If you choose to explore working with essential oils, I encourage you to acquire them from well-known and reputable companies. Not all essential oils are ethically sourced, which can impact their vibrational quality and their environmental impact.

By Jennie Alexis
Jennie is a certified Desire Map facilitator + her personal exploration and practice of ceremony, Desire Map, Kundalini yoga, Qoya, movement, meditation, mysticism, Shamanism, crystals, writing, art has guided her passion to help others heal through words, movement, ritual and community. She believe that each of us holds the wisdom we need to heal our hearts and our spirits. It's an act of remembering who we are and unlearning who we think we should be.

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