How to Celebrate Every Moment

One of my favourite stories about Yogi Bhajan is the one where someone asked him if he celebrates Christmas, and he responded by saying “I celebrate any chance I get.”

This is a beautiful example of living in the state of Devotion, rather than being devoted to something outside of you.

When we live in this state of Devotion, the state of the Heart, the Master Within, we are able to love and celebrate the many paths on this planet that connect us as Hue-Mans (Light Minds) to the Supreme Love Condition, aka God, aka Our True Self.

The Infinite, because it is just that, Infinite,  is available to us in every moment, every where, all the time. And our decision in every moment to connect to this Infinity, this state of Devotion, the way of the heart, which is inclusive, and chooses to see the Light, even amongst the chaos of the times, is the Awakening of Love.

The path of the student who serves the One True Master. The Love Within. The Devotion of the Heart. This dedicated student-teacher relationship with the heart is the active support of peace here on planet earth.

All we have to do is align our 3 brains (head, heart, and navel) with the Infinity that is available to us, for us, as us, in every moment.

Last night I sat with my beautiful partner Sara Jade for a tea ceremony with some friends. Her dedication to this practice is inspiring. The way she prepares each cup of tea with presence and attention is a reminder to connect with and serve each person we meet on this path of life.

The way she holds the cup to her heart and closes her eyes to pray, is a reminder to bow the intellect to the service of the Master within. And the way she offers each steaming cup of tea with kind eyes is a reminder to carry out the work of the heart, which is to serve every living being with compassion and grace.

Take the time everyday to notice the many paths in our world that lead to the awakening of the heart and celebrate them. Live your life as an emissary of peace.

A Living Light of Devotion that celebrates the work of the Master Within You. It's happening at all times, all around you, and all you have to do is align yourself to notice it.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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