How to Activate your Heart Brain and Align the Master Within

It has been said that the journey to enlightenment is the distance from the navel to the heart. Meaning our gut brain, located at the navel, must surrender its ‘me and mine' mentality in order to meet the Master within.

This Great Master, known as the Heart Brain, is in a constant flow of Love, always giving and receiving without greed or hoarding.

It's quite remarkable that we spend all these years raising children, teaching them the value of sharing, and yet grown ups of the world continue to worship at the altar of ‘me and mine'.

This childish behaviour is the cause of so much pain and suffering because it blocks us from seeing the Master Within.

While the Childlike act of sharing connects us deeply to our Soul. It reveals the Oneness that the Great Masters of the past have taught us about for years.

For maintenance of the physical body we do asanas, kriyas, pranayams, rest, sun bathe, drink lots clean water and nourish the body with real, life giving vital foods.

This is known as your personal stewardship of the earth, the body that you live in.

And your collective stewardship, the genuine care for All Living Beings, is what connects you to the Master Within, the Immortal Diamond of the Heart. Your relationship with God aka the Real You.

In the Ardas prayer, we remember the words of Guru Amar Das ji, that spiritual living, Oneness with God/Self, the Master Within, comes from our commitment to be the hope for the hopeless, the home for the homeless, and the voice of justice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

In other words the great practices that reveal this Master Within are sharing practices. Feed people, Shelter people, Care for your neighbour. Care deeply for all earthlings regardless of any perceived seperation.

All races, genders, religions, castes, and species deserve an honest relationship with the Heart, to give and receive love freely.

Recognize that all beings want to feel beautiful. And all beings want to be free. And then support that with your actions.

This is the path of the Heart. The very purpose of Yoga.

Aligning yourself with the Master Within, Oneness with God, though the practice of Generosity and Sharing.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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