How to Live Every Day Inspired and Clear

There is a lot of pain and suffering in the world. You see it. The Buddha saw it. Now what?

Standing around pointing fingers is not effective as a practice to instigate a shift in consciousness.

When there's a mess to be cleaned up, noticing the mess is just the starting point. Don't get stuck there.

Follow the advice of the master Yogi Bhajan “Start and the pressure will be off”. Live life as the Master Within You.

Start your day with a clear vision of who that master is through a committed practice of prayer, meditation, mantra, movement, free writing in a journal etc.

Your commitment to these techniques will give you a point of reference for living a clean + bright inspired life.

A place to return to when you forget the miracles and magic that is happening all around you. Keep remembering. Keep creating.

Spend your day with warrior like focus. Serve. Love.

Challenge mediocrity with your magnetic presence. Complaining or gossiping with friends is for the weak. It robs you of your miraculous super power to shine bright as You. Rise above that.

Be the friend that inspires everyone to love a little more, to laugh a little more, to meditate a little more, to create a little more.

Become a miracle worker by choosing Service over blame, Commitment over procrastination, and Vision + Intuition over playing to the crowd or worrying if people are going to like you.

You are a Living Miracle. Notice. Keep noticing. And arrange your life in a way that you never forget.

Your commitment to do so will inspire the world around you to do the same.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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