(SJ) is a mama, yogini + creatress. Kundalini Yoga teacher and years of study of Hatha Yoga inform her devotional + fluid classes. She curates the monthly Moon Temple and manages the creative elements of Dharma Temple. She is inspired by her family, community + nature.
Blessed to teach by master Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC, Sina brings humour + humulity and a wide offering of posture variations to this dynamic yoga practice.
Tiaga Prem, is the Director and head teacher of Dharma Temple. He has spent 20 years uncovering what it means to live a spiritually inspired-conscious life. He believes every student has the capacity to step into the role of the master. @TiagaPrem on IG.
Honouring lineage + influenced by her background in performance arts, metaphysics, body sciences + sound healing, her classes focus on breath connection + celebrate community.
Danielle shares healing through yin yoga + brings her vibrant love of reggae music to her classes. This lioness of spiritual activism is committed to building resilient community + leaders of change.
India offers ritual movement medicine. Embracing the ever-changing ebb + flow of our lives, India's graceful rhythmic classes are creative, energizing + meaningful.
Navigating the seas of life one breath at time. Devoted to ever expanding her knowledge of yogic arts, Amanda is inspired by the creative flow that exists when one is present.
From many years of study with Clara Roberts-Oss, my teaching style is heavily vinyasa inspired with progressive and process-oriented movement towards peak poses or an anatomical focus, while my message comes from the heart. Not a lot of fluff - 'real talk'.
Inspired by the healing transformations yoga has provided her with again + again, Tessa aims to share her practice to create more harmonic relationship to themselves + the world around.
Past incarnations (in this life) as a circus performer/ dancer & performance artist; as well as years in intensive study of several disciplines of Martial Arts, Qi Kung & Yoga
Kasandra has more than 25 years of movement & Spiritual arts exploration to draw on as a teacher.
Alison has a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and injury prevention as a registered massage therapist + years of dance and movement training. Most recently, completed her yoga teacher training with Meghan Currie. A natural teacher + healer, Alison's classes are beautifully mindful + creative.
Christine’s classes are an artful blend of strong, rhythmic asana and purposeful, creative sequencing; all in a fiercely loving atmosphere. Her teaching embraces the heart and honours the body.
Passion for the balance of freedom & comfort that yoga provides has led her around the world to study it's depths. Bringing together tradition & modern understanding, her classes provide tools for inspired living.