[Podcast] How to Spot the Blessings and The Power of Gratitude – Revealing the Diamond E02

This week we talk about gratitude as the second episode of the Revealing the Diamond podcast!

We are super excited to be broadcasting to you on a weekly basis sharing our favorite spiritual tools and techniques for life mastery.

Show notes:

Why is gratitude is the answer to our problems?

  • What you radiate outwardly will radiate what you can hold.
  • The shifting of the attitude sets the tone for everything else
  • The things you do don’t change, but gratitude allows you to feel a fullness because you start noticing it

How can we put it into practice now?

  • Start noticing the small things around you

Can we ALL access the attitude of gratitude?

  • Sometimes you have to dig; there’s a lot of bad stuff around us
  • You need a balanced neutral mind to see both blessings and tragedies

How can we find gratitude when things are really dark?

  • Try sound current first and foremost; music can change your vibration just by listening
  • Nikoli Tesla already told us to study sound and vibration
  • Low self-esteem causes a lot of negative sound currents for people
  • Try affirmations

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Podcast Hosts:

Tiaga Prem Singh /Reno –

Reno is the head teacher and a director of Dharma Temple. He has spent 20 years uncovering what it means to live a spiritually inspired-conscious life. He believes every student has the capacity to step into the role of the master. Follow Tiaga Prem Singh on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration.

Richard Uyesugi

Richard is a business consultant and content producer. He is also a founder of Vancouver-based startup Virtutis.io. Find out more about Richard on his blog and Instagram.

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