Moon Temple

Gather as a collective of conscious women to honour the moon cycle + seasons of our life.

At the Dharma Temple we gather to honor both the dark (new) moon and full moon led by inspiring women sharing their strengths and rituals.

By connecting to the moon cycles we honor the ever changing landscape of our lives + learn to hold space with grace as we embrace our feminine gift of intuition + flow.

Come experience powerful healing as we come together as our ancestry + lineage did, in doing so we remember our creative magic + recognize our similaritity.

New Moon and Full Moon offerings are held every month as close to their respective lunar dates as possible.

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Upcoming Events


Thursday May 25th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple


Invoke the Muse of your Creative Heart + Mind with an evening of writing, movement & song as we cast a circle of sisterhood under the Gemini New Moon. As an Air sign, Gemini holds a deep intellectual craving to “understand” as She dances and fly’s inside the realms of communication, learning, writing, speaking and the creative spark. With Gemini as our muse, the source + force of expansion who breathes life into all things creative, together we will explore the pathways of possibility through writing, song and movement, observing how these outlets can liberate & cast light upon our hearts & minds.

This gathering will be playful, spontaneous and FUN as we invoke the spirit of Luna in Gemini – the Moon Goddess who sets fire to the hearts of all who revel inside the streams of wordsmith through speech, song & sweet love. Simply come as you are with a journal and something to write with.

By donation – Sliding scale

Reserve Now. Space is limited.


Wednesday April 26th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Mishka Ma leads this months New Moon Gathering themed on


This women’s gathering to welcomes the New Moon in Taurus.
Seeds of intention planted during this Earth Moon ground our creative vision + aid in our spiritual progress.
Sound + breath work, a guided light journey + self creation
(we will be making mandalas – please bring favourite art supplies: crayons, markers, pastels, coloured pens – We will provide paper)

By donation – Sliding scale

Reserve Now. Space is limited.

What to Bring

Adorn yourself in something comfortable that reflects your inner beauty, be comfortable, be you + make sure you can move around.

  • Bring a mug for tea and water
  • A journal + Pen
  • A blanket or pillow to sit on
  • Optional offering for alter (flowers, crystals, sacred object)

Please arrive with enough time to check-in and get comfortable.

Our address: 3283 Main St., Vancouver 







Past Events


Sunday March 26th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Honoring the first New Moon of the Spring Season in the sign of Aries. Activate your energy through meditation + movement as we welcome this season of renewal and vitality.

Reclaim any dormant parts of yourSelf ready to be reborn, renewed and ignited by the fire element of this cardinal sign of Aries, the baby of the zodiac.

We will be working with Kundalini Technology so please feel free to adorn yourSelf in White to amplify your aura + natural radiance and bring a scarf or shawl to cover your head.


Sunday March 9th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple

A gathering for women to embrace, connect and ground into the immense energy felt approaching the full moon.

This experience will feature an intuitive yoga flow + restorative practice that will create space for shedding the heavy residue of winter and welcome in the new growth of spring. Delve into writing, communication and creative journaling as a therapeutic practice to free the mind of clutter and listen to the heart.

Lovingly facilitated by Jazz Braden + Cori Howard.