Moon Temple

Intentional monthly gatherings to attune us to +  connect us with our feminine wisdom. Honour the ever-changing moon cycle as a mirror to the seasons of our lives.


At the Dharma Temple we gather to honor both the dark (new) moon and full moon led by inspiring women sharing their strengths and rituals.

By connecting to the moon cycles we honor the ever changing landscape of our lives + learn to hold space with grace as we embrace our feminine gift of intuition + flow.

Come experience powerful healing as we come together as our ancestry + lineage did, in doing so we remember our creative magic + recognize our similaritity.

New Moon and Full Moon offerings are held every month as close to their respective lunar dates as possible. We want to acknowledge that these offerings takes place on the unceded traditional and ancestral homelands of the xwməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.

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Upcoming Events

Show up + Be Seen.

Thurs Feb 1st 745 -930 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Join ON OUR MOON‘s Alexandra D’amour and spirit guide Bree Melanson for a night of triple cosmic potency. We will honor the rare occurrence of a Full Moon-Blue Moon-Lunar Eclipse by slowing down, getting grounded, and taking off our masks. There is no greater time to explore the power of vulnerability than when the moon reveals herself fully, only to be eclipsed by earth’s shadow. With the moon as our guide, we’ll explore our own shadows and look into the vulnerable parts of our hearts. In our safe circle of women we will share our stories, see, and be seen.

$25 investment


Reserve Now. Space is limited.

January New Moon Musings, Magic + Mantra

Thurs Jan 18 745 -930 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Let us gather in an initate the first moon of the year with an initaition of our Selves! Delve in the mystery and your mastery of the practices that most support and nourish you.

SJ co-owner of the Dharma Temple is leading this months auspcision New Moon in Capricorn. Noted for the “Fresh Energy” January brings, this is the perfect opportunity to give our selves some really powerful tools, energetic + physical support and potentially implement new systems so that we may allow ourselves the upgrade we are calling in.

The darkest time of our lunar month can be when our deepest work takes place. The new + waxing moon is a powerful time to strengthen our auras + really lean into listening. We will gather in celebration of the new year + acknowledge whats working for us + apply our focus there.  The power of our collective electro-magnetic field boosts our intentions + we empower each other through the radiance of our presence.

We go through alot as women,  but it is A New Day is dawning. The best time to support yourSelf + strengthen our sisterhood is NOW, as there will always be darkness and confusion to face and so we need our courage + our grace to face it + serve.

“My personal practices span from kundalini yoga, Tarot, spiritual counsel, Cha Dao, writing + cooking. I gain insight + inspiration from many paths + my hue-man aim is to be a good mom, a good friend, a good neighbor, and to be creative in the way I live my life. In the winter seasons, I try to make my home cozy and create space to meditate, to move my body, to create with my daughter + partner. This evening will be an offering of my personal practices and rituals I use to stay centered + and aligned with the greater scope of purpose. I’m a water sign, and a woman who loves to be in the creative flow. January is a time I assert my divine masculine side to  re-commit to some of my more structured systems for organization + planning my year. Let us gather + explore some of these rituals + sisterhood. Come join me for a beautiful evening”


Reserve Now. Space is limited.

What to Bring

Adorn yourself in something comfortable that reflects your inner beauty, be comfortable, be you + make sure you can move around.

  • Bring a mug for tea and water
  • A journal + Pen
  • A blanket or pillow to sit on
  • Optional offering for alter (flowers, crystals, sacred object)

Please arrive with enough time to check-in and get comfortable.

Our address: 3283 Main St., Vancouver 








Past Events

Thurs Dec 14 745 -930 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Join us for an sacred evening of connection and remembering our light.  Share space as women, to honour our divine feminine experience, unearth what grief lays dormant within us and bring awareness and healing to our hearts.

Rachel “RayRay” Ricketts is a grief coach, death doula,  yin yoga teacher and founder of loss&found, an organization helping folks minimize their pain and move through grief from whatever life’s thrown their way. She believes we all have unearthed grief within us – from personal ish like death, heartbreak, motherhood, loss of identity etc. to the collective stuff like sexism, racism, violence, political strife and natural catastrophes. Through grief coaching, e-courses, workshops, retreats and other tools, Rachel brings forth the unspoken and guides you in honouring and moving thru grief of all forms so that you can best show up for yourself and others, find and thrive in your new normal and live a joyful, fulfilling life. Her offerings are personal, practical and light-hearted (laughter is guaranteed)!

This special new moon in Sagittarius we will be guided in moving meditation for the mind, body and soul. Our evening will be dedicated to inward reflection, exploration and heart-opening somatic sequences to help heal whatever painful or conflicting emotions need to shift up and out. You’ll leave feeling lighter, brighter and more empowered to face these traumatizing times and the sometimes heavy heartbreak of the holidays.



Depths of the Shadow with Mara Branscombe

Thurs Nov 16 745 -930 PM @ The Dharma Temple

This Scorpio New Moon brings forth an awareness to the darker aspects that may be ruling our minds and our lives.  This is the time between Samhain and Yule where the healing  journey moves into the underworld to allow our intuition to speak to us, to accept what our fears and anxieties are and to invite new beginnings and support positive change in our lives.
Mara Branscombe is a shamanic practicioner + coach. She is a movement alchemist and leads women’s work in addition to being a creative mother + partner. She leans into the practices that allow her to process and stay present for her family + students. Her offerings are deeply nurturing for body, mind + spirit. They allow space for introspection but in a container that is supportive and connective with other participants.
Women, join us for an evening of ritual, movement, poetry, journalling, sound healing and journey to the underworld to access the healer inside you.  Attune to your mind to unearth thoughts and patterns that may be ruling you, become aware of your fears/anxieties, and use this as material to burn out of you through the art of embodied and guided ritual.
Come away from this Scorpio circle with renewed energy, a deeper insight into how you can live with more freedom, and an understanding that as women, we can utilize both our darkness and our light to live the life we dream of.

House of Libra. Sacred Dance of the Heart!

Thurs Oct 19th 745 -945 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Chistyn M Hall, international artist (and student of Divinity!), has come to understand Sacred Dance as a vehicle to learn to listen to the still voice of God inside the heart: the true and real Temple. She will lead us through an embodiment practice to connect us more deeply to our own Innermost Being and especially our Inner Divine Mother, or Divine Feminine Wisdom.

This mother/feminine energy is known to each of us differently + intimately. Some may experience the archetypal energy as Devi Kundalini, Isis, Hathor, Mary, Shakti, Durga, Sarasvati, Shekinah or White Buffalo Woman. We may receive profound teachings, insights and comprehensions of various aspects of our lives by moving the way She wishes of us. We can become empowered to move our body in ways inspired by inner promptings vs following an external system (ways that may surprise us!). Above all, Sacred Dance is an invitation to express the joy and profound peace of Divinity.

The moon will be transiting the House of Libra through our gathering, which enables us a specific opportunity to amplify and connect to understand the teachings of the House of Libra as an integral piece of our whole Inner Zodiac.

The themes for Libra can include forgiveness and mercy, understanding the laws of karma, divine beauty, chastity, balance and how to take care of our precious, sacred life energy. We hope you will join us for a gentle evening of creativity, exploration and sharing!


Riding the wave of eclipse season.

Sunday Aug 20th, 745 -945 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Annalise Sullivan of Spirited Roots leads our September New Moon Temple. Together we will deepen the release of the Eclipse season and come into intimate activation of our Solar Plexus using the powerful tool of transformational breathwork.

“Breathwork is an active meditation technique that cleanses and clears struck energy, trauma, emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction, it connects you to your intuition, helps you access your creativity and opens your heart to increased gratitude and self-love. It is a self healing practice that has changed my life and is an efficient and effective way to emotionally detox. Using the simplicity of your body, your breath and the stars, you will open with faith and trust to this new phase of your evolution” – Erin Telford

Annalise has been practicing energy work for close to a decade. Her work is about reaching deep into the the cosmic imagery that makes up your present reality, and cleansing the frequencies of those spaces, with tenderness, courage and grace. While her feminine work keeps her progressing she is also a woman of the world working for the City of Vancouver as an Arborist, blending the
masculine to keep all good things in flow.

New Moon in Virgo calls us into our instinct, towards the truth that lingers wide awake in our belly. In that meeting place she whispers, dear heart come further with me, let us go into the heart. Take my hand she says, I will love you through.

*Please read what to bring below*

Solar Eclispe Season Ceremony with Sasha

Sasha Bahador is back to hold us in sacred ceremony as we prepare for the changing of the seasons. This last moon of the summer season is a chance to gather + reflect on all the lessons + blessings we have opened to, and witnessed through these summer months.

Sasha is a student of truth. A pathfinder and a seeker. Through years of self study and immersed in practices of the yogis + shamans, she is passionate about facilitating women to return to their innate wild nature.



FIRE LIGHT: Lioness Ritual for a Midsummer’s Moon

Thursday July 20th, 745 -945 PM @ The Dharma Temple

India is back hold space for our circle to conduct the heat on the cusp of this New Moon in Leo.
This expressive and passionate moon asks us to step into our greatness. Unafraid of challenge we will step into Leo season together to boldly claim our light + fierce creativity.
Join in an evening of radical authenticity, song, creative self expression through ritual movement medicine, and of course harnessing the fire element to burn UP to offer, or burn DOWN to rebuild.
Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 7.53.12 AM


Thursday June 22nd, 745 -945 PM @ The Dharma Temple

HEALING WATERS // New Moon in Cancer. Water Element invocation through ritual, astrology, and Song Circle with  Sara Jade + Alli Shafer.

SJ + Alli welcome the Summer season with ceremony honouring this cardinal water moon in Cancer offering fluid movement, healing mantra + intuitive journaling. Sharing celtic spiritual traditions, medicine songs + aquarian technology this New Moon will be an experience to intuit + re-harmonize yourSelf.
Steep in the creative essence of this water moon + share your voice as you step into flow with your new moon intentions.
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Thursday June 8th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple


Women, let us gather on this Auspicious Eve of the Strawberry Full Moon.

The “pink glow” of this full moon in Sagittarius invites us to sweetly support our own process in releasing our fears + our desire to control all aspects of our lives. In letting go we create space for deep listening. The power of this moon shines the light of our awareness into hidden aspects of ourselves, and as we ground into ceremony we transmute stuck or stagnant energy to then witnessing our true strength, our unique gifts + power in sisterhood. Together we will attune to a collective frequency of self love + personal empowerment so that we may serve the highest callings of the heart.
Join Mara to explore the transformative power of Shamanic practices and Goddess Archetypes through movement, mediation, voice, and guided visualizations.
All levels are welcome, bring your journal and a pen, and any offerings for the collective altar.

“May our personal evolution rise up to dream our fullest life into being.”



Thursday May 25th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple


Invoke the Muse of your Creative Heart + Mind with an evening of writing, movement & song as we cast a circle of sisterhood under the Gemini New Moon. As an Air sign, Gemini holds a deep intellectual craving to “understand” as She dances and fly’s inside the realms of communication, learning, writing, speaking and the creative spark. With Gemini as our muse, the source + force of expansion who breathes life into all things creative, together we will explore the pathways of possibility through writing, song and movement, observing how these outlets can liberate & cast light upon our hearts & minds.

This gathering will be playful, spontaneous and FUN as we invoke the spirit of Luna in Gemini – the Moon Goddess who sets fire to the hearts of all who revel inside the streams of wordsmith through speech, song & sweet love. Simply come as you are with a journal and something to write with.

By donation – Sliding scale

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Sunday March 26th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Honoring the first New Moon of the Spring Season in the sign of Aries. Activate your energy through meditation + movement as we welcome this season of renewal and vitality.

Reclaim any dormant parts of yourSelf ready to be reborn, renewed and ignited by the fire element of this cardinal sign of Aries, the baby of the zodiac.

We will be working with Kundalini Technology so please feel free to adorn yourSelf in White to amplify your aura + natural radiance and bring a scarf or shawl to cover your head.



Wednesday April 26th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple

Mishka Ma leads this months New Moon Gathering themed on


This women’s gathering to welcomes the New Moon in Taurus.
Seeds of intention planted during this Earth Moon ground our creative vision + aid in our spiritual progress.
Sound + breath work, a guided light journey + self creation
(we will be making mandalas – please bring favourite art supplies: crayons, markers, pastels, coloured pens – We will provide paper)

By donation – Sliding scale

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Sunday March 9th, 745 PM @ The Dharma Temple

A gathering for women to embrace, connect and ground into the immense energy felt approaching the full moon.

This experience will feature an intuitive yoga flow + restorative practice that will create space for shedding the heavy residue of winter and welcome in the new growth of spring. Delve into writing, communication and creative journaling as a therapeutic practice to free the mind of clutter and listen to the heart.

Lovingly facilitated by Jazz Braden + Cori Howard.