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Join This 3 Part Journey of Transformation

Before her metamorphosis, the caterpillar creates a sanctuary and becomes the alchemist.
What appears like a period of inactivity is really a time of deep work – a journey inward to rest, remember, and prepare for complete transformation.

This series embodies the stages of quiet presence, power, and possibility that come before the rebirth.

Chrysalis – November 23rd
-Sumptuous restorative yoga + energy medicine
-Self-massage + breath work
-Cocoon, soften, restore

Wild Alchemy – November 30th
-Chakra dance alchemy + sound vibration
-Shakti ritual movement + truth recollection
-Nourish, oxygenate, purify

Hollow Bone – December 7th
-Bhakti flow + Radiant Energy Circuit activation
-Meditation + grounding practices
-Witness, open the channel, expand

Sliding Scale = $75 – $90 for this series

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Image: Jen Holden / http://wildwomanstories.com/