The Dharma Temple is a Vancouver Yoga and Event Center for Elevation.

Upcoming Events + Workshops

New 40-Day Meditation starts this Sunday, April 23rd!

Group meditation is a powerful coming together as individuals. We all have our stuff. We all have busy lives + responsibilities. If we commit, we can all experience some benefit, but you have to commit. We sit, we chant, we meditate, and the differences balance out and create a harmony. The happiness of one person balances the sadness of another. Then the entire group finds its energy directed by the activity of the sadhana itself. Its powerful and palpable.

Revealing the Diamond Podcast with Tiaga Prem Singh

The Dharma Temple team has launched a new podcast called ‘Revealing the Diamond’. Each week Richard Uyesugi will sit down with Tiaga Prem Singh (Reno Muenz) to talk about tools and techniques for your higher self helping you reach your potential and revealing your diamond within.